Siobhan O'Brien

Siobhan O'Brien assumed the role of Managing Director at OB Recruitment after co-founding the company in 2002. Her journey into the world of recruitment was somewhat serendipitous, initially prompted by a friend's challenge to find an exceptional chauffeur for a CEO.

Following the successful placement in this role, Siobhan faced a more significant challenge: assembling a team of 14 professionals to staff a newly established IT Department for a prominent insurance firm in New York City.

Despite the demanding timeframe, Siobhan rose to the occasion, accomplishing the task effectively. Perhaps her Irish background played a role in this stroke of fortune, but it ignited her passion for the recruiting industry.

Leveraging her exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills, Siobhan has played an integral role in the growth of OB Recruitment into the prosperous firm it is today.

She diligently manages client relationships and oversees all financial aspects, ensuring the company's continued success.

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