What Services do we provide?

What type of Candidate can you find, and where?
We recruit for opportunities (at all levels) in Information Technology, Healthcare, Finance & Accounting, Insurance & Marketing, but pride ourselves on our ability to dive into any sector when asked. From start-ups to household names, we have proven success with companies of all sizes.  We have a particularly strong network of talent in the USA, but our global recruiting experience means that we are not limited to a specific location.

How does the Process work?
One of our team will work with with you to understand the Job Requirements, Budget, Market & Salary Trends and realistic expectations to make sure everyone's on the same page. We source, shortlist, screen, select and present the best candidates on the market.  We can manage the formalities for you too - interview schedule, feedback and the offer process.

Can you do large scale recruitment?
Yes, We tailor our services to meet your specific needs, whether you require assistance with a single hire, or a large-scale recruitment project.  We have a large pool of talented recruiters in various parts of the world to call upon when your hiring needs are large scale.

What about your fee?
No two searches are the same, but you will find our fee structure is competitive, and customized to your requirements.

Do you offer a Guarantee? 
We offer replacement guarantees, and can always find an arrangement that suits both parties.

What about passive candidates?
Many of the best candidates are not actively job-seeking, but we can tap into this passive talent pool through our connections and persuasion skills.

What about privacy? 
We uphold confidentiality and safeguard your company's privacy during the hiring process, especially when handling sensitive or confidential positions.  We only share company details with shortlisted candidates.

For more information or a general chat with management, just give us a call or drop us an email

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