Meg Moriarty

Meg Moriarty is an invaluable and long-standing member of the OB Recruitment team, holding the position of Lead for both Consulting and Full-time Recruitment. Her role reflects her experience, approach, and ability to connect top-tier talent with our diverse client base.

She joined OB Recruitment in 2007 after gaining expertise in the UK market, where she worked with clients in Technology, Finance, and Management Consulting. Since then, Meg has established an extensive professional network in the North American market and developed valuable relationships at every level, from those starting out in their IT careers through to C-Suite Executives and industry leaders.

Our resident Brit, Meg approaches recruitment with a human touch and a sense of humour, understanding that it's not just about matching skills on paper but also aligning values, culture, and building long-term connections.

Meg is passionately committed to the "people" business, and her determination means that she will leave no stone unturned to succeed in finding the “best person for the job”.

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