Chris Wynne

Chris Wynne is a dedicated Recruiter at OB Recruitment.  Chris has a bachelor’s degree in economics and psychology and utilizing his strong foundation in both fields, Chris brings a unique blend of analytical thinking and human insight to the recruitment process.

With two years of experience in the field, Chris has worked across a diverse range of functions, from Tech and Social Services to Financial Services and Executive Search. This breadth of experience has honed Chris's ability to identify the right talent across various industries and sectors.

Chris's commitment to the profession is underscored by certification in psychometric testing, reflecting a deeper understanding of human behavior and its application in talent assessment and identification.

Driven by the diligence and perseverance required to find the perfect match for both candidates and organizations, Chris's values of integrity, diligence, respect, and resilience shine through in every recruitment endeavour. With an unwavering dedication to the recruitment process, Chris is your trusted partner in building high-performing teams and nurturing talent.

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